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Urban Soviet stickers // MEDIUM pack of 18

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A MEDIUM pack of 18 "Urban Soviet" stickers

Project description: 

In Lithuania, we often see public spaces neglected. A lot of people live in the cleanest apartments but once they step outside the situation changes. Stairwells, yards, and other public spaces are often ignored and not looked after. For this reason, we have decided to balance these daily surroundings and introduced the outside to the inside. A classic look of local facades were chosen. Photos were taken in a local neighborhood and transformed into blocks. For different cultures and history experiences, people will look at this project differently, but for us it is our usual facades that we grew up with. These building were built during the Soviet Occupation and are becoming extinct with the EU sponsored renovation projects, but we still have proper time to say goodbye. Not to neglect, but just to accept all, and move forward to a better and more optimistic tomorrow.


If used on tiles, please measure your exact size of tiles, we can precut the stickers for your custom needs (free custom sizing up to +-10mm). Just write us a comment with your order. Usually we make slightly smaller stickers than actual tiles leaving ~1mm gap to the edge of the tile. Also we can precut exact as your tile size. Custom sizes are non returnable and non refundable.

  • Actual size of one sticker 147x147mm or 197x197mm, let us know if you need other custom size (18pcs in one pack + 3pcs extra for free) 
  • Printed with a high-quality UV-curable 64-inch inkjet printer 
  • UV resistant, strong adhesion sticker for extra durability
  • Precut with slightly rounded corners for easy application
  • Can be used as oven and sink splashbacks, not suitable for floors
  • Takes only moments to install and will last for years
  • Produced using high-quality self-adhesive matt vinyl
  • Durable and scratch resistant

Apply exclusively on smooth, clean and uniform surfaces so as to ensure the perfect adhesion of the material. The stickers are cut individually and the application is simple, just remove it from the paper. The product is specially designed to last in time, wear-resistant, washable and scratch-resistant. Easy installation and ready to be attached. 

Friendly to outdoor or indoor projects. May be applied directly on tiles or any other smooth surface (like fridge, doors, glass and ect.). Suitable for streetart projects.

Custom collection available. You can order this collection or pick one yourself. For custom collection pick out all the wanted stickers from the list and look for their numbers (shown in the photo below). Write all the numbers or leave a comment in your order description before checking out. Also you can always write us an email and we will sort things out together.

Actual stickers included in the pack can be seen in the second photo. All stickers will be made and shipped individually for you.

Estimated up to 5 days for production + shipping time.

Questions? Please write us directly to: or Facebook profile if you have any questions.