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We love what we do and would like to share it with you!


  • Interior and exterior decor
  • Contemporary, creative point of view
  • For business, home and public spaces

Hello, we are a team of graphic designers, painters and architects. Our main work of line is custom wall paintings, murals, streetart and various graphic design work. We offer entire range of styles thereby contributing coziness and exclusivity to your home, workspace or business.

We believe that accurate planning, skillfulness and creativity are the key features for designing unique and inspiring spaces or just bringing a second life to a blank wall. Each client is given individual attention, we offer our ideas or follow up with yours. The most important part is the relationship between a person and an artwork, so we always pursuit results that satisfy both sides.


We felt, that we need to share our ideas and spread the love, make our art more accessible by creating products not only for individual clients but also for a wider audience and with a lower price tag. We seek for an optimistic, more beautiful and curious tomorrow. Thank you for visiting our online shop! Always feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to collaborate on new projects.


This shop is our little hobby that is only starting to grow. If you buy something from us, we promise new ideas, designs and products.